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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  January 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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school leaders to make a major change to the curriculum. thank you for joining us. i'm leila santiago in for renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. another fresh face in the weather center. >> oik. >> we are going to have some rain for some of us anyway especially south and east of the triangle. -- welcome. >> all of this lifting to the east and northeast. it is light to moderate rainfall. we actually are clear skies. 28 in roxboro. 27 in south mill. 37 in raleigh thanks to the cloud cover and temperatures in the 40s in goldsboro where the rain is coming down. and we have dropped down into the 30s in fayetteville, 39 degrees right now.
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have that big range but we'll call it 35 for the triangle. mainly cloudy skies with some showers to our south and east. 40 at lunchtime. still some rain this afternoon and evening with temperatures normal. highs today in the mid-40s. we will be well above normal later this weekend. temperatures will climb into the 106. we'll take a look at how warm it getsment coming up. already. how are we looking right now. >> so far, so good for the most part at least on major routes. we'll have a story here in just a few minutes right after this traffic report about an accident in southern wake county overnight that took out some utility lines. at this point, rock rvice staying road remains closed at elridge drive. consider using old stage road as a good alternate route through the rest of the morning.
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extra time there. we could see a change in the congestion patterns on 42 and old stage road. just getting word of a minor accident on tryon at trail wood and an accident on green at calvary. a lot of people waking up to the rain especially south and east of the triangle over in samson and wayne county. this is fayetteville. you can see the roads are a little damp this morning. not talking about heavy rain that will leave standing water at intersections and problems like that. but the roads are a little extra damp so you need to slow down. whenever your windshield wipers are on, your headlights need to be on. more on the crash that you are talking about in south raleigh. power is out this morning because of the crash that sent
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troopers tell us it was a 2003 mazda that was speeding on rock service station road when the driver hit a ditch near elridge drive and the vehicle went airborne across the street, and split a utility pole in half. at one point, 1100 customers were in the dark. the driver, a 35-year-old man was taken to the hospital with injuries and charged with dwi and reckless driving. the road could be closed until 9:00 this morning. a man accused in a sexual assault more than five years ago in fayetteville will be in court today. curtis jacobs was arrested for an a an assault that happened in october of 2010. police say dna evidence linked him to the crime scene. duke officials partially lifted sanctions against its sorority. the reinstructions came after a student ended up in the hospital. school heeders say it was an alcohol related incident during
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students in the hospital. last night, duke officials held an emergency meeting with sororities to talk about thousand curb alcohol abuse. they will not say which sorority is involved here but will say it was not the only concerning case recently. tonight, seventh gop debate in des moines, iowa will go on as planned minus donald trump. marly hall is in iowa where the republican presidential frontrunner plans to hold his own event. >> reporter: with the debate just hours away, donald trump is still refusing to attend, a point he made clear wednesday night in an appearance on fox news. >> will you just consider -- i want you to consider, all right, think about it -- >> bill, this is much tougher being with you because frankly you're smarter. this is much tougher than doing the debate with megyn kelly, believe me. >> i got a very fair question from somebody but we don't need to talk about that. >> reporter: at an event in
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continued to take aim at the fox news host moderating the event. in des moines, ted cruz once again challenged him one on one. >> i'll propose a venue. we already have it reserved. >> reporter: trump says he will hold a fundraiser for veterans at drake university. at least one veterans group aunnod they will decline donations from the event. a local activist launching a campaign to demand black history classes in durham public schools. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us live outside the board of education. supporters are expected to be there tonight for the school board meeting. >> reporter: that's right. supporters say there is a need for this because of low self- esteem. now, they are calling for a radical change in the curriculum that is just ahead
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durham activists and minister paul scott says the contributions of african- americans have been downplayed. he believes it has led to high suspension rates, criminal activity and an educational achievement gap. tonight's proposed solution is black history classes offered at all middle schools in the state. supporters also want to make black history a graduation requirement in durham. this campaign will launch at tonight's school board immediating. it starts at 6:15. >> we expect to learn more then. thank you so much. it has been nearly two years since the deadly shooting of an unarmed black teen in ferguson, missouri. >> the police force has now agreed to a major overhaul. the specific changes now being considered. >> plus more arrests at a remote federal wildlife refuge in oregon. what investigators say may have led to the surrender of three members of the armed group. >> are cars with automatic braking technology more or less
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the findings of a new study. we are working to learn more about the man who was shot and robbed while doing work at a home in durham. police say the suspects took off in his work van. investigators say two men wearing hoodies approached the worker, held him at gunpoint, and took a watch, wallet and other items. the victim was in the hospital with serious injuries at last check. testimony is expected to
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a man accused of killing a woman in her north hills apartment. jury selection for the travion smith case lasted nearly a month. he is charged with killing melissa huggins-jones. police say the 30-year-old was beaten to death following at break-in. she was found by her 8-year-old daughter. a year and a half after the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the police department in ferguson is overhauling its policies, training and practices. michael brown was shot by white police officer darren wilson. the shooting led to national protests and awe federal investigation that uncovered racial bias through outthe force and the local judicial system. the recommendations are detailed in a 131 page document that is still up for public comment and a city council vote. among the recommendations, body cameras for officers,
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recruitment plan for a more diverse police force. lawmakers are expected to vote a-emergency spending bill that could send $28 million to the city of flint to help deal with contaminated water. state regulator permitted flint not to treat water for corrosion after the city switched its supply in 2014. that allowed lead from old pipes to get into the water. some of the money will pay for more bottled water and filters and the monitoring of children at risk for developmental delays stemming om exposure to increased amounts of lead.
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o atteation tit raanie wt es . some sorority activities are suspended until further notice at duke university. school leaders say a student was rushed to the hospital for an alcohol-related incident during sorority rush
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last night, duke officials held an emergency meeting with sorority presidents focused on alcohol abuse. let's go ahead and check in on the weather. >> a little bit of rain for some of you especially south and east of the triangle. here a look at our tall tower cam. it is a bit of a gloomy start to some of you although we do have clear are skies as you head to the north and northwest. we do have the rain falling in the southeastern communities. this is our first wave and we'll have another wave move in philadelphia to late morning and into the afternoon as well. temperatures are coldest to the north. we have some 20s in your northern counties. 37degrees in raleigh. it is 39 degrees in fayetteville. a little bit of a chilly start to the day and temperatures are likely going to stay in the 40s for most of us. mid- to upper 40s, maybe up to around 50 degrees for some of our northern communities. you might see alittle bit more sun up there. 45 today with clouds and rain south and east of the triangle. a couple of the showers may be making their way into the raleigh area. 34 tonight, 50 on friday.
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sunny skies and then mid-50s and lots of sunshine on saturday. we are see something big delays through garner on 40 westbound. the big of the delays we've seep so far this week. 19 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. most of those delays are right around the clayton bypass. you will want to look out fay disi believed vehicle on the ramp from southbound rock quarry road onto 40 westbound. -- nt to look out for a disabled vehicle. also on the southern side of wake county, an earlier crash at rock service station road at elbridge drive took out some power lines. rock service station road is closed in both directions this morning. likely will remain closed until about 9:00. no one injured in this accident.
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alternate route for the rest of the morning commute.
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again over whether . controversy over a city seal will be the focus in fayetteville tonight. >> some are calling for the city to change its seal that you see on the letterheads an things like that.
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tolary tara lynn joins us from downtown fayetteville. it is the building behind you that is at the center of this discussion. >> reporter: this is the market house and at one point, the state's capitol was on this piece of property. it is also where the state ratified the u.s. constitution. it was also a place though where at one point, slaves were bought and sold. that is why some are calling for the city to remost building from its seal. the market house was built in the early 100s. it has been the focal point of the city's seal for the last 20 years. some council members its tie to the slave trade is offensive considering that about 41% of the population here in fay fayetteville is african- american. the city will be holding a second round of community forums tonight for people to voice their opinions. they will be held at college lakes rec center, the westover rec center as well as the commission recreation center.
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web site as well. and they are going to be starting at 6:00 p.m. expected to last until 7:30. >> all right. >> thank you. fayetteville city council is holding a special meeting today to talk about the way county distributes sales tax dollars. the city and county are at an impasse in negotiations over a new agreement. current agreement expires at the end of this fiscal year. they will meet at 5 check tonight inside city hall. ate few dozen people gathered at the wake county detention center to protest raids on undocumented immigrants. it is one of several demonstrations that took place across the southeast. it was a show of solidarity with children and families who have been detained in the department of homeland security's recent raids. protesters the families should not be a top priority when it comes to deportation because they do not pose a threat to public safety. . >> we have families who don't even want to bring their kids to school because they are afraid that they will be
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>> a recent statement on the department of homeland security's web site acknowledges that there has been a significant spike in families and unaccompanied children coming from central america. however, the release says very clearly people who come here illegally will be sent back which dhs says is consistent with our law and values. the state board of elects has a new tool to make voting more convenient for the visually impardon. the auto mark accessible ballot marking device is a hybrid of several devices. it is a scanner, printer, touch screen display and input device. it was designed to provide privacy and accessibility to vote answers a disability with a condition that makes it difficult to mark a ballot. it can provide language assistance to voters who are more comfortable speaking a language other than english. we are waiting to find out where csx will build the cargo hub known at the carolina connector. the transportation company proposed building the company
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county. the county and governor said it wasn't going to work because of concerns from current landowners and their desire to sell their land. . >> we are not supportive of the project on that particular footprint but we are all keeping that door open because we know this would be a great project. >> and i know that there are many communities that are also trying to find sites as well but we are in the mix. >> wayne county's bothered chair is one of several trying to convince csx to consider its county. the transportation company says it looks rward for working with all interested stakeholders to move forward with the project. hundreds of animals are rescued in what the aspca is calling the largest animal seizure in its history. the hoke county sheriff's
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at the haven animal shelter outside of rayford. there were more than 300 dogs, 250 cats appears 40 horse as long way number of farm animals. investigators say many animals are suffering from untreated medical issues. the animals were kept in filthy kennels, cages and outdoor pens according to the investigators. many without protection from the elements. >> a variety of different environments. some are in individual buildings. some are in outdoor enclosures. what wear seeing right now on our preliminary walk-through is a number of medical injuries. >> shelter owners linden and steven spear are now facing animal cruelty charges. the aspca plans to move the animals to a ain't door warehouse and provide medical treatment. after the criminal case is resolved, they hope to find homes for as many animals as they can. what was the weather like when you came in this morning? >> it was nice, much warmer than what we saw over the weekend. >> short sleeves this morning?
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what do you know that i don't? >> i'm kind of wimpy know. you can't go by what i wear. i get cold easily. it is chilly outside. it is not super cold but it depends on where you are. we'll show you the temperatures and the wide range of temperature as cross the viewing area in just a moment. take a look at the satellite and radar combined. we have sunshine in our northern counties an northwestern counties. clouds in the triangle for the most part and then a little bit of rain down to the south. some showers falling in samson county, moving out of wayne county. a little bit still falling in eastern sections of wayne county. here a look at our durham skycam. notice the blue sky but also notice the clouds back to the east. so you have a little bit of a mix in durham but as you head back to the north, you will see more in the way of sun. 37degrees is the current temperature in durham. it is also 37 here at the tv studios in raleigh. take a look up to the north. it is in the 0s.
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it is in the 40s down to the south. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s this morning depending on where you are and high today in the mid-40s. showers will be possible but the best chance will be south and east of the triangle. you will likely need the rain gear if you are especially headed toward the coast today. we'll send you over to brian and so far it doesn't look too bad. >> we have some slow downs in garner, probably the biggest slowdowns we've seen this week. that isism-40 westbound around the clayton bypass. slow right around the bypass this morning. as soon as you get up to business 70, traffic seems to move along a little more smoothly up towards jones sausage road and the beltline before it slows down again. eighteen minutes heading through garner and then you slow down heading right into the fortify work zone. this is the camera on i-40 looking back toward the 440 merge from the rock quarry road area. we have an accident over there on the right shoulder. maybe partially blocking the right lane.
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scooting around there to try to get around the accident. we are up to an 1 # minute ride from 440 to u.s. 1. -- an 11 minute ride. as soon as you get out towards gorman street, it is a smooth ride out u.s. 1 out to wade avenue and beyond. major routes for the most part are in pretty good shape notch big delays in durham. -- no big delays in durham. 40 eastbound looks pretty good this morning. the sun is not out so we don't expect sun glare delays. the southern part of wake county, we had an overnight accident on rock service station road at elbridge drive. show you some video that was shot overnight from that accident scene. police say that a drunken driver was speeding and hit a utility pole, knocked down that utility pole and now there is a big repair job. apparently he suffered some injuries, went to the hospital. as we take a look at this
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rock service station road will remain closed until about 9:00 in both directions between 42 and pagan road. consider using old stage road as your best alternate route. you might want to allow a little extra time just in case. back to you. >> thank you. if you are planning a visit to niagara falls, you could get a pretty unique look at that tourist attraction. >> what could happen at the falls for the first time in more than 40 years. >> plus, there is a new british tv movie due to come out and a lot of talk about who will be maying the role of michael jackson.
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i believe i see raymond we caught you. our crew is dancing back there in the booth. why won't you? >> they were sleeping before that. now, they're back to life. i don't know what happened. >> but it is appropriate to say back to reality for a lot of folks going back to school today. no more delays, no more closures. back to reality. >> yes. parents are excited. i like the delays but the cancellations are -- >> life changing. >> let's take a look at the radar.
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we do have showers south and east of the triangle. they are real light and spotty at the moment. we've seen our first little wave move through and we'll have a couple of those move through throughout the day today. all of this activity moving to the north and east. our best chance of rain today will be in the eastern and southern sections of our viewing area today as we'll have some moisture moving in from the gulf of mexico. 26 now in south hill. cold up there. 28 in roxboro and henderson. raleigh. also 37 in rocky mount. 34degrees right now in chapel hill. 40, so a little bit milder in irwin. 39 in fayetteville. here is a love look from our wilson skycam. you can see the clouds there. a little bit of a gloomy day for our southern and eastern counties and even around raleigh before a lot of cloud cover as well. as you head back to the north and west, you can see the cutoff here just to the north and west of the airport. we have some sunshine but
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we'll have moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico today. we'll have most of our rain being from maybe raleigh and points to the east and southeast, just very spotty activity and all of this should be fairly light as we'll have dry air moving in from the north with an area of high pressure. so our northern and western sections staying dry today. take a look at the potential rainfall totals today. just a trace here in the triangle. about 4/100 . in southern pines is l we can manage. for the morning bus ride, send them with the rain even if you are in the triangle area, we might have rain this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-30s. temperature this is afternoon raining from 45 in fayetteville, 44 in southern pines. we'll see a little bit of sunshine late are on this afternoon but staying fairly
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normal for this time of year. so some rain, a little bit gloomy for some of you today but brighter skies to everybody tomorrow. it will albright breezy day with high temperatures up to around 50 degrees. take a look at the wind gusts tomorrow, anywhere from 0 to 30, maybe even a little bit higher than that miles per hour tomorrow with sustained winds at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will be a breezy day for us friday. and then beautiful weather over the weekend. take a look at this. absolutely gorgeous weather for both saturday and sunday. mostly sunny skies. cold start in the 30s but 56 saturday, 65 on sunday. that is going to feel good. 66degrees on monday as we head back to work. partly cloudy and then 68 tuesday. we do have another system moving in wednesday. that brings some rain chances with it with temperatures in the mid-60s. we have some delays. the red does not look good. >> not the color we want to see on this particular board here at 7:49.
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wake forest on inbound capitol boulevard heading towards 540. big delays as on inbound louisburg road. we have an accident on louisburg at forestville. an accident with injuries. one of our twitter followers tells us it continues at the bypass and continue down towards forestville. 16 minutes to make the trip to 540. once you get there, the westbound ride from capitol out to i-40 is looking pretty good at 16 minutes actually delay free trip would be about 13 minutes. just a little bit of a slowdown there. it will probably get worse as we get closer to 8:00. 40 westbound still congested around the clayton bypass. also some improvement on the westbound side of i-40 there at the 440 merge as you head towards rock quarry road. we had an earlier accident there on the right shoulder contributing to some delays. that accident now has cleared
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through fortify b a 14 minute ride from 440 to u.s. 1 and a delay free trip would be about eight minutes. there is an 11-year-old basketball play are up leesburg, virginia who is getting national attention for his moves. >> he can copy some tricky plays by nba players in just minutes and his home videos ayou might imagine have gone requiral. his talent recentlly earned him much more than praise online. >> reporter: when noah cutler isn't playing basketball, the 11-year-old is watching it and looking up his favorite nba plays are online. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: when noah saw steph curry do this, he had to try it. >> next thing we know, watching videos on youtube and dribbling out in the front yashed. if it is raining, we have to
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>> i ss a lot but at the end, i got it. >> reporter: then how did you feel? >> i was happy that i got it. >> reporter: noah's dad posted a video on instagram showing him mimic the tricky move and several others. they quickly went viral. >> there was like no transition. everything has been boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: noah's claps game so popular, the warriors invited him to california to meet his role model. >> i didn't even think it was real life. i thought i was dreaming. >> reporter: noah says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friends makes him the happiest. he is small for his age, the smallest kid on his team. on the court though, feels like a giant. noah has big dreams too. >> just that it would be crazy to play on that floor one day. that would be my dream. >> reporter: he is already play with the pros on the way to
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>> we can all agree recruiters are eyeing him, right? noah has nearly 150,000 follower on instagram. if you want to follow his basketball adventures, his handle is at baby bird man he 3. >> he has a good handle or two. british actor joseph fiennes getting an earful. he will play michael jackson, one of the greatest black entertainer are all tile. critic are questioning that decision. the fill will also star stockard channing as elizabeth taylor. it is based on a cross-country road trip the three cars reportedly made in a rented car in the days after 9-11. tyra banks now a mom. she confirmed on instagram that she is a new mom. they welcomed the baby boy into
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she says he got her finger appears big eyes and his dad's mouth and chin. she also thanked the angel of a woman that carried their miracle baby boy. his name, york banks eslam. gym membership costs can be a big roadblock toward a healthy lifestyle. >> next on fox 50, 5 on your side will help us get to the
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